Death Sheep from Hell (fenton) wrote,
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Statements of... faith?

Axioms. Things which are true because they are true; because you say they are true, believe they are true, in and for themselves. They have changed over my life; many of them have changed deliberately, because the old set no longer worked.

I believe that love exists.

I believe that I can, and have been, and perhaps am, loved - and that I can, and have, and perhaps do, love.

I believe that we shape our world, and that at the same time, it shapes us.

I believe that there is only one thing which can never be taken away; free will, the power to choose. People can be convinced that it does not exist, or that they are unwilling to accept the consequences of a choice, but the choice remains. It is the excercise of this power that defines identity, and the awareness of it that defines consciousness.

And now, I believe that it is time for lunch.

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