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So I should, like, post something....

So, I get to go pick up ysabel and amaltheae later today, at the airport. Back from Thailand, (mostly) in one piece each. I've already done most of the Christmas shopping for them, though I really need to find some smaller trinkets that are just fun and silly stuff, nothing they directly asked for. But they still need to do some shopping too, apparently, so it isn't the end of the world.

Finally getting back around to reading LiveJournal at least semi-regularly. Still haven't resumed reading comics; I should look into whether some of them have RSS feeds that I can view in LJ friends stuff, I suppose.

Have to fight with the insurance company, who assigned me some doctor I've never heard of for my HMO, of course. Sigh. And now, it's time for a meeting. So... I'll go meet.

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