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So, tonight is probably going to suck somewhat. I'm still fighting off something unpleasant (most likely whatever had Amy wiped out for a week and more, though I'm fighting it far more successfully), and now I get to pull a night shift so that I can do a maintenance window during the wee hours of the morning, when *nobody* is awake (thus, why we use those times to do them). One of the few times I really, actively dislike my job. I suppose I'm getting paid enough to put up with it, though.

Sun and Seamus have arrived. This is good; they needed to be out of California. When the universe is resorting to using *me* as a clue bat, it's going deep into the barrel. Of course, this means the GURPS campaign will also probably be starting up again soon, which is a nice side-benefit. And I deny all ulterior motives. Really.

The mead is going well, I think. I hope, anyway; fermentation has slowed significantly, but the yeast lees are huge, and it's clearly time to rack off into the second set of jugs. One of the batches also seems to be clearing a bit already, which is very good, if it is, in fact, doing so.

The IFGS event over the weekend went well. For those not familiar with this sort of thing, see for a general idea of what they're about. I'm not sure if I'm all that big on actually playing a character (I get enough from normal RPGs, really), but playing an NPC for an event was a real blast. Sort of a cross between improv acting and being a cameo NPC in a normal campaign.

Anyway, my brain is running down for the moment, so I'm going to just post this as-is, and if anything pops out later, well, it can get it's own entry.

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