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Cheap and easy… charity

So, for anyone who has a moment a day to spare and is willing to use it to help projects that are working on habitat preservation for various ‘big’ cats, check out’s ‘Race for the Big Cats’.

Disclaimer #1: This is a donation site that functions on page views. They don’t have obnoxious popups (at least, in Firefox, which is what I use when visiting it; I haven’t tried to do an in‐depth analysis of every bit of their site with various browsers). But if you care about the spirit of the thing, you should spend a few seconds glancing at the banner ads on the resulting page, since that’s where the money donated comes from.

Disclaimer #2: If you don’t register, the donation will still happen, but it won’t be tracked as anything but an effectively ‘anonymous’ donation. So if you want a warm fuzzy later, register.

Disclaimer #3: The link above has a basic ID code embedded. The sum total of anything I get out of that fact consists of a warm fuzzy that you went and a clicked to donate (if you do so at all — if you don’t donate, I get no indication you ever visited), and, if you register, a link on my ‘friends’ page that provides a shortcut to your public profile (however much or little you put in it). If you object to that for some reason, however, a casual inspection of the URL should make it clear how to get to the site without the web bug.

Disclaimer #4: They appear to be legitimate, and they haven’t spammed me yet, but I can’t make any guarantee they will never turn psychotic and evil somehow. So use whatever precautions you should, when giving them an email to register. I believe the default account settings do have one low‐frequency mail turned on, as a general reminder/status update, but even that can be disabled as far as I can tell.

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