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Geekery, part 2

And, courtesy of zylch, the geekery of a speed-cabling competition.

To which my response is: Bah!

Only six cables, and you just have to separate them (and leave them able to carry a network signal)? That's *nothing*.

Try about six *dozen* cables, and needing to get them plugged back in as fast as possible, *in the right places*. Then you'll start to have some clue what some of the data centers I've dealt with were like. Yes, they *did* look like the picture in the article -- only more tangled.

And watch out for the field mice. They like to gnaw through the baseboards and set up house in the nooks and crannies that the cables form. Nothing like having a small brown "oh *shit* what the hell is that?" field mouse zipping at your feet to make you decide that the project is *long* overdue. The rest of the family headed for the wall (and presumably out into the fields next door), at least.

$Deity preserve me if I ever have to try to deal with under-floor cabling that bad. I'm pretty sure I won't even consider going in without a cattle prod, several "bug bomb" grenades, and armored hip waders. Above and beyond the generally-required hard hat (come on, I can walk into low *doorways* by accident, you think I would ever even think about going into an underfloor space without one?)
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