Death Sheep from Hell (fenton) wrote,
Death Sheep from Hell

True to form...

So, we have a customer who is "going live" on Monday. This means they've had their training on the system, and will, at least in theory, switch to using it full time as their primary tool in roughly 64 hours. So, what does that mean shows up on my bug list today?

That's right. A major problem involving the conversion of their data. That should have been completed and verified multiple weeks ago.

Now, admittedly, getting the conversion to actually process things took (much) longer than expected. But this entire week, I have not had a single new bug opened against that set of code. Everyone who was supposed to be verifying it and giving it the go-ahead said things were looking good. Until this morning.

And I no longer get to drink Mountain Dew or Coke. Going to be a long night at this rate...

Tags: rant, work
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