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Brave Huntress Dandelion

(Bored at work, writing this)

So, we have a cat. Actually, we have a number of cats. But one cat in particular, at the moment. She's a white puffball of a kitty, turkish long-hair or some such thing, and she's almost completely white, and very ditzy. Sweet, but very ditzy. We generally tease her about being the blonde girl of the house.

Now, the thing is, this same cat is also good at hunting down bugs - crawling, flying, whatever. Doesn't matter. She'll catch them faster than just about any of the other cats, if she's interested - and that includes the hyperactive kitten in the count.

So one of my running amusements is that someone needs to do a manga, someday, with a clasically blonde, ditzy, anime catgirl whose main instincts involve hunting things and getting scritches around the ears. And, in the classic line of weird, only partly-sensible titles, it needs to be called "Brave Huntress Dandelion."

That's pretty much it. Don't ask me why it's so amusing.

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