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I rant, therefore I am?

Okay. I understand that the economy sucks. I understand that I should be glad for the mere grace of having a job. I understand that there are people out there who would dream of making the money I do, for doing what I do. I do have some sense of perspective. But, given all of that, I'm going to rant about it anyway. So there.

When your employer lays people off, with the earliest notice being "By the way, you can turn around and walk right back out, we don't need you anymore" one day, and moves all of it's "normal business hours" folks who require large amounts of coordination between themselves, lots of outside (vendor/customer) interaction that's primarily built around business hours, and so on to a 24x7 coverage schedule, you have to wonder what the hell they're thinking.

Personally? I don't mind second shift that much. But it's wreaking absolute havoc on my family life, such as it is. Did you ever notice that no executive ever works second (or worse, grave) shift? I wonder why that could be? Oh, yeah. Because it's fucking disruptive to having any sort of life involving the rest of the world.

What I personally mind, more than anything, is that I am now, once again, the primary person answering calls coming up from the front lines. I did this job once. I did it at a place where the front lines (and the folks behind them) were trained sufficiently well that the only issues that reached me were "okay, this one has *everyone* stumped". And that was generally fine. One or two calls a week came that way. The rest of the time, I worked on doing my other tasks. So far this evening, after being put in queue, I have received no less than eight calls, and every single one of them was "I need you to do this for me because I don't have access to do it" - for extremely basic tasks. Is it a heavy call load? Not hardly. But every time my phone rings, it completely interrupts anything else I was working on, and I lose all state. The perils of being ADD. This, combined with the fact that I'm now responsible to "phone availability" again, means that I'm going to rapidly return to the point where I want to kill people on a regular basis. Not a terribly good place to be.

In the space of one week, my job has gone from being a reasonably senior architect/engineer who had one week out of five on pager duty for the times when things really broke, to being a second-tier support phone jockey. I'm being paid for the former, which is pretty much the only reason I didn't walk out the minute I was told I was now in phone queues. But it won't last. I have yet to see anyone willing to pay what I would demand, long-term, to put up with what that job entails, given what I can make for doing something I enjoy, now.

Oh, and if anyone from said company finds this and is worried about me? I'm more fucking ethical than to leave with zero notice. Unlike you, who will give employees the boot with exactly that. So you can damn well deal with it.

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