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Celebrations in the streets

To those who are reported to have been celebrating in the streets of the United States, I have the following to say:

The penalty in most of the world whose laws are set according to the Koran for participating in anti-government activities or publicly disagreeing with the government is, at best, exile or deportation, and more commonly, death. Understand that the reason you are able to do this, here, is because we believe in the concept that a person is free to speak, or believe, whatever they like until this causes harm to someone else. Perhaps this does not matter to you; perhaps you see it as a weakness, even, or a corruption that we would allow anyone to speak but you. Were it not for this "corruption", you would have been killed or driven out long ago.

If you truly have such beliefs - you do not believe in the fundamental basis of the ideology upon which this country is founded. You have gained all of the privileges and rights of belonging to it, but neglect some of the fundamental duties owed in exchange for that. Therefore, I will now exercise my own right to free speech, to make this request:

If you believe the United States is evil and tyrannical for this ideology, please go somewhere else. I don't really care where, though I might suggest that going to somewhere that shares your beliefs would be most comfortable for you. But do not stay here and insult us in such a way. Your brethren who do believe in freedom would very much appreciate not having the hatred of the small-minded targeted against them, because of your actions.

And, to those who have not celebrated, and believe that this country is a place of freedom for all beliefs, I must again offer my sympathies and condolences, for those same small-minded people who are now attacking you simply because of your skin or religion. You are good and decent people, just like everyone else, and you do not deserve such treatment.

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