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Assorted and sundry

So, I'm back in Denver. This shouldn't be a big surprise. Saw the Lord of the Rings movie with folks (well, some of them; things got confused, so we ended up with about half the people we were expecting in that movie). It was good, though the purist in me cries out for 3 hours for each book, *not* each published entity - because they cut out the vast majority of the first book. But that's life.

The time has come (or rather, in a few days, it will arrive) to bottle the cyser and start a new batch of mead. One of the two batches of cyser seems like it may be a lost cause; too early to tell, but I'm not sure I trust it. The other, however, seems okay. So we'll see.

Stephanie looks more like Trish did in the past than like she did in the past. As she put it, "Well, duh. Trish always had boobs." Either way, I rather like the result. But it means I definitely need to get a new photo of her to put up, to go with the old one. And she cut her hair. Hmmmf. Amy and Deb are convinced that we need to play. Que sera, sera.

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