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Another one bites the dust

So. I come in early, yesterday, at my boss' request - to attend a meeting with him and the VP, informing me that I'm going to have to take a $15,000 pay cut - off of a salary that already wasn't really meeting the bills. Since, after all, I'm not really doing work that justifies paying the former salary - because they have put me onto a shift where I can't do any of that work, and haven't given me any of it in the first place.

Gee, guys. Let me tell you, that just *so* motivates me to continue doing quality work, being contracted out at rates far higher than what you pay me and seeing none of that income, working on-call hours, or for that matter, working a shift you put me on so that you could make a hard sell to the customers about having senior people 24x7 - when you aren't willing to pay for them. Thanks, but no thanks. My family comes first, and you just pushed it into a choice between you and them. You lose.

On a more positive note... well, she'll put it in her journal, maybe. But one of the spice probably has a job doing something she really likes, which will at least cover the pay drop until I can find better employment.

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