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Yet another...

Yet another step in the ever-popular game, "How far can we push employees before they quit so we can hire cheaper ones?"

See, we have this lovely new schedule. Not only is it delivered in a format which most of the recipients can't read (proprietary spreadsheet), not only is it sent out such that I receive it the day before it goes into effect, not only is it sent out without bothering to even ask what folks would like, or need, for schedules... but it says "I realize that most of you would rather work longer hours for fewer days" - and then assigns me longer hours, with NO CHANGE IN DAYS OR SHIFT.

Those of you who have be following the journal probably remember my ranting when this went into place in the first place... and then when it meant that I got nearly no contact with my spouse, because she had to take a job after the pay cut, simply so we could meet bills. But now I don't even get the 'compensation' of working a shorter work-week, in exchange for having to have a shift which utterly fucks up my family life.

I have never before been tempted to leave an employer for a new job with less than two weeks notice - every time, I've given that, or I have been laid off because a startup ran out of money. But they are seriously tempting me to call them some morning, and say "I won't be in to work today. Or tomorrow. Or any day after that. My contact says at-will... and this is my will. Have a nice life, folks, and I'll come in to pick up my paycheck within 72 hours."

I'm probably still too prone to guilt to do that, even if I find another job. But it depends, now, on just how much more they manage to piss me off before that point...

Oh, and just for the cherry on top - no, this won't mean I get any of that pay cut back.

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