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No. To the pain.

So, I come back to write a journal, and of course the first thing I'm going to do is whine about my head hurting. While it's really sort of nice that we've gotten the first cool spell of fall, and it's a very welcome break from the roasting summer in Colorado, either the pollen or the air changes have made me have a mild headache since sometime yesterday afternoon. So, today's drill is "lots of water" and "some sodium naproxen" (that's Advil to those of you in the brand name world).

Last week, in a word, sucked. I was up before the sun most of the days, often at work until sunset even given how early I was up to work, and the entire time was more stressful than any other week I can recall, at least for this job. Suffice to say that I semi-seriously wonder how many NANOG members would contribute to my legal defense fund if I took a shotgun into a room of script kiddies and opened up on them. On the other hand, we finally (at the end of a 22-hour day) got some changes made in the network that seem to have alleviated the symptoms of the problem, if not the cause, and thus I got to sleep during the weekend, at least somewhat. Which, of course, meant that the weather had to pick that moment to change enough to make my head hurt. Back to the paragraph above.

The mead is still in the jugs; no money to get stuff to rack it off, yet. Roleplay continues, though yesterday seems to have frustrated people a great deal. Deb planned it that way, though I'm not really sure if she understood just how much that might aggravate Amy on the whole "I don't want to have to fight to have fun" front. Or maybe I'm just misreading the things I saw in the conversation last night.

Though they're both very happy to be back in Colorado, back "home" for them. For me, it's... well, it's not "home", but I haven't lived in "home" for four years now, and haven't lived there long for more like seven. And, really, it's becoming less "home" with each passing year, as the people who made it home move away; my friends, growing up, are what made it home, more than any particular physical characteristic of the landscape. To be honest, most of the landscape is mind-numbingly dull to most people. Though it ISN'T FLAT, DAMMIT! That's the other parts of Kansas. Well, ok, it's a few small bumps, compared to the Rockies, but still.

I really wish something would pop, for Deb or Amy, in terms of money. I really could care less about whether they're working, as long as they're sane (specifically, Deb often needs *some* kind of work, for her sanity). And I think it really helped some things, for them to be able to not have to worry about it for a while. And my job does support us, for some value of support - though honestly, we'd need to drop the second car, and a few other things, to be able to afford to live on it alone. And that's the problem. We don't want to live within what means my job, alone, can provide. Which is sort of scary, given what I'm making compared to the average out here. And it's still not enough, without something to supplement it, to be stable. And it's not like the rent or the cost of living is insanely high, like it was in the Bay Area. Anyway, we don't need much, but we do need something; both of them are trying really hard, and it's frustrating them to no end that nothing is popping. For that, as much as anything, I want this to be resolved. It will help the sanity of all of us.

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