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Intermittent update...

First off, lemmingness: Kings of Chaos - click it, then click on the "Click here to Continue" button (beneath the word 'Otherwise'). Gives me goodies (virtual people - er, orcs anyway - to lord over and send to die on my behalf, yay). If you aren't already playing, and you want to, feel free to become an officer, too...

Went to the Denver/Boulder IFGS Awards Banquet last night. Even got one (which rather surprised me), for helping do setup and teardown on one of the games last year. Getting back around to game season, which is a good thing. Photos of me as the Baron Fell (an NPC from "The Animated Gift 2 - Lenore's Journey") will be up at some point.

Still unemployed, still looking, but finally sorted out unemployment; the first check should be on its way soon. With any luck, it will Murphy the job situation into giving me one (yeah, I know, you can't deliberately invoke Murphy, but I can hope anyway).

Haven't done much with the mead, recently. I really need to bottle the Black Hearted Villain, and rack the others, but I just keep failing to remember. Pfaugh.

In any case, time for bed. More later, in all likelihood.

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