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No, I haven't forgotten my journal. Just haven't had a whole lot to say, recently, and the rest of life has been rather hectic. Some not terribly pleasant choices have come to the point where they have to be made, and can't be put off any longer, so the household is dealing with them. No, I'm not going to go into details. Deb or Amy can if they want, they have their own journals.

On the bright side, gaming appears to have made a reappearance in life, for the time being, so at least there's some stress relief. Though why I find it relieving to play at being someone who's doomed to unraveling a fairly large portion of the world as the characters know it is a question I don't think I can answer terribly well.

The mead is... well, sitting there. Not really doing much, but it seemed to have been slowing way down even before the racking. I think perhaps it just got to the point where it's done with active fermentation. I now need to figure out whether I should bottle it as is, or wait for it to clear some. Of course, the cost of bottling it may not be plausible right now, so it may not be terribly relevant. Guess we'll see.

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