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So, for various reasons mostly having to do with things that seem to help temper and awareness, I'm supposed to be keeping a journal/log/whatever with entries every 15 minutes. Not exciting things, or anything, just a point to break out of whatever is going on and make the entry, including some assessment of emotional state.

Since I have this nice little log thing called LiveJournal, I figured what the hell, why not use it? But never fear, true believers - you won't be exposed to all of the excruciating details. I intend to continue posting rarely, if ever, to the public post bit. Because I suck that way. However, a couple of folks (namely, the spouses who want to see it) will now have to suffer through material so boring that it will probably put spastic kittens to sleep. It was pointed out that I should offer to let anyone else who cares join in the suffering, so I suppose you're welcome to, though I might suggest having a mental examination if you find someone else's detailing of dog-outing and folding laundry to be some sort of thrill.

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